Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I saw this article by RPK and I agree with him!


I don't know whether he still remembers me but I followed his article when he was deeply entrenched in attacking Mahahtir and then Najib, for a while.

After analysing his thoughts I have come to a conclusion RPK is a gentleman, so pro-common sense, pro-royalty and a pro-Malay, pro-Malaysians sort of a chap.
He will slay when slaying is needed.  For example his take on former journalist A. Kadir Jasin who advocated for Najib Tun Razak to be sacked as a prime minister yada yada  yada!
I am sure there is more to it then meets the eyes as to why Kadir, and all of his cohort, disliked the prime minister who is working in trying to manage the country with about 28 millions people.  As opposed to Kadir, and his cohort, living comfortably with the wealth that they acquired while serving the government in one way or another.
What RPK is showing to us is how the Malays, especially, are so prone to an amok syndrome then it would be too late.  What RPK wrote about him and his ilk is worth reading and below I reproduced some part of it, without permission:

"Anyway, Kadir Jasin’s recent comment that to save Umno Najib must go is a classic case of living in denial. It is like some saying that for Pakatan Rakyat to win the next general election Anwar Ibrahim must retire and hand power to someone else.
Okay, so the solution is simple. For Umno to stay in power Najib must go and a new leader must take over. And for Pakatan Rakyat to take power Anwar must go and a new leader must take over.
Let us say both of these happen. Both Najib and Anwar retire and new leaders take over. So what is now going to happen? Will Umno be able to stay in power and at the same time Pakatan Rakyat takes over?" Read further here...

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