Saturday, February 21, 2015

In a desperate high stake game Anwar will do anything to win.

Who was Jude Pereira someone asked? Well I beleive he was a good copdoing his job and a true blue Malaysian who loves his country!
Update: Here another humdinger of a piece of puzzle: Remember Crime MyWatch chairman Sanjeevan who was shot and almsot died.  Well he was the one allegedly tried to talk Jude Pereira to subvert Anwar's case.
Was he shot because he knew too much about Anwar's evil chicanery, trickery and deception?

All roads will lead to Rome, as they say, and this applies in the case of desperate game of bad politics of Brother Anwar.
A recent expose by a writer on allegations made by Superintendant Jude Pereira, an investigating officer of Anwar's Sodomy 2 case, about attempt made for him to sabotage the case came as not a surprise to very many. Read Here
As all road lead to Rome in Anwar desperate games of politics, I am sure some "powerful" man (definitely not Najib Razak in this case) had instructed the police special unit guys to commit a murder of a foreign national.
What if that powerful man was Anwar himself in his bid to bring down Najib as a prime minster and his government.
Did it ever occur to anyone that after Anwar was pardon and in his subsequent bid to take power that many assemblymen and members of parliament died thus triggering many by-elections.
Many of his close associates have abandoned him, few have died, the most tragic story was the mysterious death of his money man and his close associate, lawyer Nasaruddin Jalil, followed by the death of Nasaruddin's son Salman two months after his father's death.  Salmsn, BTW, was a personal photographer of Anwar. Read here
Salman died in front of his house and verdict was a hit and run. He was only going ouside for a smoke, and was he smoking in the middle of the road?.
Then there was an allegation that Anwar ordered  Azizan Abu Bakar, a person who was a family driver that Anwar has sodomised at Tivoli Villa, to be done away with.
Well Azizan was driving with his pregnant  wife somewhere near Rawang when his car was hit from behind killing his pregnant wife.
In this matter nobody bats an eyelid.  No body saw any complication in the "accident".  Just as everyone accepted as an act of God when many lawmakers died either of "heart attacks" or just died thus triggered many by-elections, in which many of Anwars candidates won.
I wouldn't be surprise if the disappearance and the exploded MAS airlines might have something to do with Anwar's handiwork just so he can bring down the government at any cost.
So back to Jude Pereira allegation as written by this writer and published by Malaysia Today!? I am apt to believe it since Anwar is just one of of those evil anomaly that resurface every once in awhile on this planet earth, just like Pol Pot, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Attila the Hun, and Count Dracula (if he actually existed).

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