Saturday, February 07, 2015

Media Prima and NSTP...what a fiasco!

Johan Jaafar
Mohamed Jawhar Hassan

A fiasco means: A complete failure, especially a ludicrous or humiliating one.
Let us talk about fiascoes!
While we are on the subject of media, print or otherwise, last posting I wrote about the possible ascension of ex-Malaysian Insider, Leslie Lau, to help the Malay Mail.  I am very clear on this subject, there shall not be another fiasco in the making.
Now onward to those in charge of the Media Prima and NSTP, Tan Sri Johan Jaaffar, and Sri Dato' Seri Mohamed Jawhar Hassan, respectively.
These two people must be replaced as soon as possible and there is no time to lose on the matter.
Media Prima needs someone who must be clear in his or her support of the on-going system, the government and the leadership of the country.
Recent fiasco by Media Prima's TV3 giving airtime highlighting opposition leader Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim claims to have evidence to bring down former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin onabuse of power, gives the impression it was sanction by the Prime Minister Najib Razak when it was utterly untrue and wrong.
Why the TV3 airtime was given to Anwar was beyond my comprehension, but it happened under Johan Jaafar's watch. Media sentinel such as Johan should have known better the opposition would grab the opportunity to spin the story.
Personally speaking I have nodea what Johan Jaafar had done to enhance the image of the battered Umno under Najib, except for him to look pretty.
My summation is that he must go and to be replaced by someone who is more sensitive in following the footsteps and the sensitivity of the government of the day and its leadership.
On NSTP  chairman Mohamed Jawhar Hassan, well the fiasco under him is that the unconfirmed sources told me the NST circulations is about 50,000, what the heck is that.  NSTP needs someone who can propped up the circulation and to bring the NST to its glory days.
In conclusion, both organisations need a new blood as soon as possible, and for you own good and the good of the government you are leading Mr Prime Minister please take note on these two fiascoes.


Anonymous said...

If the NST chooses to appoint reporters, journalists and editors who are Umno "hacks", with no independence or objectivity, the paper will fade into irrelevance and obsolescence.

The brutal truth is that in today's online digital world, with ubiquitous social media and news websites available 24/7, Malaysians are spoiled for choices about where they get their news.

And any attempt to "spin" will be quickly detected as there will be multiple sources reporting a story or a development.

The NST should take note of what it's erstwhile sibling, the Singapore Straits Times, has done and is doing.

While the Singapore paper is broadly supportive of the Singapore government and it's policies, it has "opened" up to allow more coverage of opposition politicians and external views that may be critical of Singapore, while eschewing reports and commentaries that pander to racial and religious sentiments.

And by hiring well-educated reporters, journalists and editors and paying them well.

Has the NST the financial "muscle" to be able to do this?

rahman jpc said...

print media wil b dead soon. 2 stay relevant n profitable d owners wil hv 2 b more creative. they hv 2 think stragically from now on n find innovative ways 2 impart instant information using all d 5/6 human senses. how? I don't know but some IT experts do.

I was on d board of bernama representing treasury during pak sheikh's height of power. n johan n kadir was also on d board. I was not sure abt kadir but I was almost sure that johan was n anwarinas then. I m not surprised if d feeling of brotherhood stil exist n given half a chance he wld willingly assist just 4 old times sake. n i dont think there is anything wrong wth that!

tebing tinggi said...

i support for that called .

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding bro.? Calling Bangang to kawal Fiasco? Huh?