Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Roti canai at Devi's Corner today tasted excellent.

So finger lickin good!

Had a rendezvous with an old friend for lunch today at Devi's Corner, I had three roti canai for the first time in my life.
Usually it would be one roti canai, but today I was especially famished for a reason I do not know.
May be it was the sunny day and a good company, nevertheless the rotis and the teh tarik were so good.
And today my old friend cracked a rather stupid joke and I laughed and laughed.  Normally for the last ten years I had difficulty sensing or appreciating good jokes, but today it was different.
Life is Good an I hope it will continue.
Have a good life Malaysians!


Anonymous said...

May be because Anwar Ibrahim is gone for the nnext five years? You got your appetite back?! Just thinking you know!

Old Friend.

Anonymous said...

Pack some of that delicious roti canai and karipap to sg Buloh for our friend in sg buloh

Anonymous said...

No can do anonymous 6.24pm, Anwar is a common criminal he must be treated as one. Make sure sympathetic prison wardens be watched carefully, when he was in previously he got a lot of help to prologed his agenda, even having young boys, I was told.


Anonymous said...

yes it tastes good because Annuar Ibrahim is going to jail

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't matter if he does it with young or old boys, I just don't want this man ever to step into malaysia political scene ever again. After all, prison guards are used seeing inmates having a go at one another.
Anon 6.42pm

tebing tinggi said...

look's like no roti canai for the next five years .

Anonymous said...

Anwar goes to jail a hero, like Aung San Su Kyi, Mandela and Jose Rizal. Eat as much roti canai as you want, it only adds calories, cholestrol and will one day cause you heart attack

Anonymous said...

tt You can get it at a rice. Just checking.

Pasquale said...

12:24 PM
You must not be a smart person,I was going to call you idiot, but none of those iconic leaders you mentioned sent to jail for sodomy or main bontot, or being charged for abnormal sexual practices. To lump BABI with the rest of my heroes is an act of idiocy!

Anonymous said...

anon 1224pm,BABI a hero u said? A sodomiser/peliwat?my my.