Friday, March 20, 2015

HUDUD is equal to IS! Better believe it!

This is not in accordance to the teaching of Islam! A woman being lashed under Hudud law in Acheh....soon this type of scene will be a common sight in Kelantan and Malaysia!

When Islamic States militants swept through the Middle-East they brought with them the most stringent and parochial interpretation of what they believed and perceived as part of the syariah law.  They subscribed to the hudud law recently passed by Kelantan state legislative assembly.
Remember this, the  IS militants who also believe in Hudud behead non-believers, women raped were punished, if you are caught stealing your hands were cut off.
Non Islamic historical artifacts were destroyed by IS.  Indeed a very limited and strict interpretation of the hudud laws, based on a narrow interpretation of the syariah law.
 Among other stuff hudud is definitely anti women's rights, and under hudud women do not have any rights at all. Read more here an article by Sisters in Islam.
Frankly speaking, what many Malaysians are still slow to realise is IS is coming here and we are still blase about that fact.
The way I look at it is, today IS is in Kelantan, and yes in no time it will spread to neighbouring states by that time the fate and value of our sacred Federal Constitution will be rendered worthless and meaningless.  I just pray for things to be how they were!


Anonymous said...

So how even YAM T.R. Hamzah and YB Datuk Mustapha support it

Pasquale said...

8:47PM, why you asked? Because of a parochial Malay politics!

Anonymous said...

If we keep sending our young men to Middle-East Wahhabi universities, they are just going to parrot what they learnt at school. Hanbali-Wahhabis reject the study of logic(mantiq) and the discipline of moral and spiritual sciences (tasawwuf). What becomes of a man if is his mind can't reason properly and his heart gets hardened and loses its compassion?