Tuesday, March 31, 2015

MI stands for Malice Intended.

These guys were arrested for not checking their facts or retracting their story or to even apologise....


Reuters reported a 16-year-old Singaporean teenager Amos Yee was detained for insulting Lee Kuan Yew on the eve of his state funeral.  Yee also insulted Christian and now being detained without being able to seen anyone except on scheduled time. If found guilty Yee is liable to be jailed for up to three ears. Read here

Meanwhile the news portal editors detained by police for writing an article that placed the Ruler's Council in the most demeaning and precarious  positions, appear to be happy taking pictures while being detained have them posted in face book wearing  a prison garb and all and smiling.
They think they know that the police or judicial systems in the country is a joke and they don't seemed to be afraid of the repercussion, which to them there is no repercussion, that they will be released and become heroes.
Unfortunately, Amos Yee the Singapore teenager detained was actually detained and no one was allowed to see him until he is being judicially processed, unlike our detainees, they are not afraid nor do they feel remorse over what they have done. 
Smiling away like a martyr, no care in the world for what they have done, since they know they will be released and cannot wait to break the law again?  Facebook some more from police station!


To start with Pulai MP Nur Jazlan Mohamed, should be charged with something for not thinking like a Malay and as an Umno MP because he does not behave like one.
He thinks the will be a backlash on Putrajaya, read the government and Umno, over the arrest of some irresponsible editors of  a news portal reporting on the Rulers Council. Read here!
He should also be charged for conduct un-becoming for an Umno MP who should be supporting the ruling party and the government, but instead he sows a seed of doubt on the people over the act of the recent arrest of journalists from Malaysian Insider (MI) for misleading the public over the alleged Rulers Council on hudud.
If I read the defaming news I did  not see any shred of error being implied by half-Chinese Nur Jazlan, that MI news report that reported the news on the Ruler's Council allegedly was against the implementation of Hudud.
The way I see it the news was deliberate and not an error, it was reported with Malice Intended
How can any new media or portals write stories without checking and with concrete back-up to back their storied.
Report only the truth and check your facts says Rockybru...
MI probably thought it could get away with the news report when later on it can say "oops we made a mistake, sorry".
Lately a lot of politicians big or small are in a habit of being defamatory but later say sorry as though nothing happens!?  No can do, you make mistake you pay for it or else the country will be in chaos.
Back to pseudo-Malay Nur Jazlan you must at least have some of your dad's Javanese traits of being loyal to your cause.  My question to you is what is your cause or even your raison d'etre.

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