Monday, April 27, 2015

The real reason why Mahathir battling to stop Najib's 1MDB, by hook and by crook (and crooked bridge too!)

To defy Dr Mahathir’s wishes, at his prime no less, would have great personal cost and Ani must have known this, yet he bravely stood his ground. Indeed he was effectively kicked out of TNB for his defiance, as he told KiniBiz in the interview.

When I was kicked out, no company would touch me,” reminisced Ani in conversation with KiniBiz, adding that many companies at the time had ties that link back to YTL. “So I worked for foreign companies for a while.”

But he did not express regret at his decision – far from it. An often-repeated statement from Ani is that he does not wish to have his grave urinated on, a grave insult in the Malay culture, for dishonest dealing in life." The late Ani Arope.

If you are one of the loony, er I mean lonely Mahathir choir boys, I am betting you don't know that MalaysiaKini has come out with the first issue of KiniBiz. Well, now you know. There are two big write-ups on Mahathir in the fortnightly:
1. The study of contrasts between LKY and Mahathir, and
2. The man who refused Mahathir

I am sorry to tell you boys that your idol fared very badly - like, very very badly - in the battle of the bulge with the late Lee Kuan Yew. But that's understable. Even the Singaporeans think their so-called founding father, whom they were not really fond of while he was still alive, was the better man.
What's really damaging to your hero, boys, is the interview with Ani Arope. KiniBiz describes him as The Man Who Refused Mahathir.
The interview could not have come at a worse time. Here's why. Mahathir has been scoring a lot of points attacking Najib over 1MDB, accusing the Prime Minsiter of incompetence, alleging that RM27 billion has disappeared into thin air, etcetera. You boys have been happily repeating the allegations (although I guess you guys don't really know how to read let alone read audited accounts!)
The late Ani Arope, in the interview, is telling us a different story altogether. It tells us of a plan by Mahathir, using the Economic PLUNDERING Unit or EPU, to create power producers that would enrich cronies (Francies Yeoh, Ananda Krishnan, Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary, among others) and imporverish the people and Tenaga Nasional Berhad.
Ani Arope saw this. He refused to play along. He was sacked ONE WEEK after saying refusing Mahathir. Before that, a major power breakout was "arranged" to show to the people how inefficient Tenaga Nasional was and why the IPPs were needed. I am not saying all this --- go read the interview in KiniBiz.
After the first IPP (YTL), Mahathir went on to start many more IPPs. These power producers all made big, big money. At who's expense? At the rakyat's, of course. Remember how we all complained about how much we had to pay for electrity. At first we blamed Tenaga but later on, as the years go by, we understood that it was the IPPs.
When PM Najib took over, he must have seen the plundering. So he used the 1MDB to buy the IPPs after telling Ananda, Francis and Syed Mokhtar that their contracts were not going to be renewed, thank you. Next step, list these IPPs in one mega public listing exercise and create and share the wealth with more stakeholders, not just cronies.
Three things will happen together with the IPO :-
1. It will end the ridiculous subsidies that Tenaga Nasional and Petronas had been forced to give to the IPPs year in and year out.
2. The people will enjoy lower electricity tariffs and,
3. the IPPs as we know them will be no more. So will Mahathir's IPP legacy.

Mahathir is not alone in his onslaught of Najib. He was never alone. The IPPs have been with him from the start.  Now boys, go get your copy of the KiniBiz. Rememebr there's a Part 2 of the interview coming in two weeks.

Read more about this honest to goodness servant of the people who refused to do it!


Labu8455 said...

Errr...have you taken your medication before writing this rubbish up ???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Beyond reasonable doubt Najib has not answered simple questions under his capacity as PM and Finance Minister. You can tell all the stories you like but the people need the convincing answers from him.... it seems you are having hard times to tell the truth here. Try cannot convinced then confuse them.

Tanduk Dua said...

confirmed you are a pre-paid blogger

Anonymous said...

interesting theory but then how would you explain the mongolian energy venture, petrosaudi dealing, buying cheap lands(below market value) in selangor and etc.

Regarding the IPP why buy it at an inflated rise and when the license is about to expire? funny you did not address this question

Anonymous said...

what do you expect Mkini will say about Mahathir , surely the bad things.

The guys in PR are praying hard Najib will remain as PM of Malaysia until the days the Rakyat decide in GE 14.

With Mahatahir onslaught on Najib, if Najib lost in the game of throne,Pakatan will once again lose in the GE.

Pakatan need Najib as the PM of Malaysia to win in GE 14.


Anonymous said...

blogger bangang..

Anonymous said...

Really...are you that low. Not so Jho Low, but seriously low. To believe in your own lies...hemmm.

Anonymous said...

We all must learn to keep an open mind and refine our reading of political situation is we are to achieve Wawasan 2020

Anonymous said...

Only an idiot like you would believe MalaysiaKini.

IT.Scheiss said...

Tan Sri Ani Arope told his side of the story but Najib has not yet and that is the key difference?

Anonymous said...

1. 'Arranged?!' You, MK, and Ani are lucky that Dr M is not Anwar Ibrahim or your hero Najib. Otherwise, all of you would have been brought to the Court, for whatever you are worth!

2. 'Arranged?!' For 22 years as PM, Dr M WAS NEVER ONE WHO WOULD INCONVENIENCE MALAYSIANS unlike your hero Najib! After just over 5 years, everything in Malaysia is for sale!

3. 'Arranged?!' What has your hero Najib 'arranged' for Malysians since 5 years ago? Nothing EXCEPT LOTS, AND LOTS OF DEBTS that Malaysians must help pay to avoid bankruptcy!

4. 'Arranged?!' If idiots like you and MK would quote someone who has died to spin a story. Grow up and have some compassion towards those the Arwah had left behind, please.

5. Dr M has been very consistent with his stance that,"Government provides infrastructure for private sectors to drive the economy forward. Along the way, when these companies make profit, the government tax them..(something to that effect)" that is a more prudent approach that what your hero is doing viz. go into business, and let the Rakyat pay for them (after all is FOR THEIR BENEFITS!). Along the way, tax them through GST for every pennies they are worth; day or night, rich or poor! Very, very, very good business strategy. What your hero Najib is doing is akin to what all those failed emperors, tsars, sultans, and kings did. As they say, "History would repeats itself.."

6. If you are stupid, do not think that others are too!

Anonymous said...

Pre paid blogger kena GST ke