Thursday, April 23, 2015

Watch this and think the xenophobic and chauvinist DAP!

The struggle and style of the DAP today are no diference than that of the CPM of yore.  The end justifies the mean for both the DAP and the CPM in terms of policy of trying to control this beautiful multi-racial country named Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying Singapore is Communist ruled now?

DAP was a breakaway from PAP when Singapore gained independence.

Go understand first what is the difference between communism and socialism.

Anyway, neither ideology are believed nowadays.

To most, it is human rights, freedom, justice, good governance, compassion which most developed countries already have.

When are you going to join the rest of the world? Grow up!

Anonymous said...

CPM actually stands for Chinese Party of Malaya and nobody says Singapore is communist but communal, given them a chance other races will be wiped out like Melayus in Penang and Malay minority in S'pore.
DAP under LKY is having that same dream, the onus os on the word dream, to the same to peninsula Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.

Pro-Malay Melayu (PMM)

Anonymous said...

I think you guys have been smoking something you should not. The DAP is not the PAP. People like Karpal Singh, Chen Man Hin and Fan Yew Teng couldn't stand Lee Kuan Yew. These guys were true Malaysians and wanted a fraternal Malaysian nation. One reason that did not succeed was that the DAP was demonised by UMNO and BN. However there are more and more Malays in the party and soon they will take over. Nobody wants anyone as slave, certainly not in DAP. It could be that when that happens some non-Malays from PR may move to MCA (possible) and MIC (even more possible).

But you are right that people in Singapore mock Lee Kuan Yew for his self importance -- much as you mock Mahathir here. That's hardly surprising when you consider both were suffering from a relevance deprivation syndrome.