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Yes, why bring up Altantuya case after so long?


 The frenzy over GST was just like the Y2K frenzy, remember that, over the end of the millennium and in rolled a new one, year 2000. 

Y2K had people stocking up goods, and withdrawing money from their respective banks, many even thought there was going to be chaos and the landscape would be filled with the walking dead.  Many men married another, and many wives were divorced and incest were rife (I was told).  

Well somebody painted the same scenario over the GST. 

Like Y2K, GST frenzy comes to nought, just an attempt to smear the government the prime minister and also failed.

Then there is  this proverbial 1MDB that was supposed to be  a money , a lot of money, filled corporation supposedly to be used by the prime minister as his own personal largess to be used at his own whims and fancies.  Well the prime minister did asked this corporation to be audited, we shall see. And the Public Account Committee (PAC) has also been asked to check by the prime minster himself.  Nothing will come out of it if that was to be used to get rid of the prime minster.

And now this murder and after over 8 years somebody is questioning the case on whether the prime minister is involved.  What can I say, the case was deliberated and yes somebody must be arrested for the murder, but you can be rest  assured that Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak is not involved. 

Meanwhile Sarawak BN is solidly behind Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Leader of Sarawak largest Iban party PRS, Dr James Masing, said it is not true Malaysians have lost faith in Najib. Read more here....

Below is an article by Free Malaysia Today for us to read and ponder.


Why bring up Altantuya case after so long?

April 3, 2015
With so many mysteries surrounding the murder, the guns shouldn't be pointing at Najib alone.
Why bring up Altantuya case after so long?
By Izack Chin
Eight years and six months after Altantuya Shaariibuu was C4-ed to death mercilessly, the case still puzzles even competent investigators.
Yet, Mahathir Mohamad and Lim Kit Siang have suddenly come up with two mind-boggling statements in relation to the case.
Lim said, “Two former prime ministers, Tun Mahathir and Tun Abdullah, should be sent on a national mission to Australia to find out from Sirul who gave the order to kill Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu.”
Lim’s statement came just hours after Mahathir asked, “Who ordered the killing of Altantuya?” and said, “It would be very cruel for Sirul to die for just following orders.”
It baffles the ordinary citizen why both have decided to resurrect the issue after more than eight years.
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was Prime Minister when Altantuya died in 2006. Surely he was privy to the most sensitive, delicate and confidential information pertaining to the murder. Surely he would not have allowed Najib to succeed him if he had known that Najib could be implicated. It would be utterly inconceivable and preposterous to endorse a murderer or the mastermind of a murder as his successor. Well, Abdullah stepped down and Najib did become PM.
In the same vein of argument, surely if Mahathir had known at the time that Najib could be implicated in the murder, he would not have handpicked him to succeed Abdullah.
The fact is Mahathir never questioned Najib then and even chose him to succeed Abdullah. Eight and a half years down the road, Mahathir is demanding answers to a very pertinent question he should have asked Najib in 2006 before endorsing him as the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Why are Lim and Mahathir not asking how Sirul Azhar Umar managed to escape to Australia and how Mahfuz Omar made contact with him?
Surely authorities should query Mahfuz on what he knows. Why are all guns pointing only at Najib whereas many other mysteries and grey areas about the case remain either concealed or are reverberating in haunting silence?
Why can’t mature political leaders, the police and all authorities in the case come together and talk? And these should include Mahathir, Badawi and Najib.
Reveal the truth openly instead of running down leaders and, in the process, erode our country’s international standing and the business confidence in it.
Izack Chin is an FMT reader
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