Monday, May 11, 2015

On behalf of those who feel the same way........!

First and foremost let me humbly apologise for "re-printing" an article from Din Marican's blogsite on the subject of former prime minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad incessant attacks on the country's serving prime minister, Najib Razak.
I have always respected Din Marican's civilise write ups on many subjects which I considered as more intellectual rather than infantile in style.
In this particular open letter to Mahathir he is not praising Najib, but rather criticising the former prime minister's incessant attacks on the country's working, working very hard, prime minister.
Din is saying to Mahathir something akin to an adage: those who live in glass house shouldn't throw stones, and it basically means: You should not criticise other people for having the same faults that you yourself have.
This famous blogger dubbed a DJ Blogger, wrote something that many of us want to say or write but dare not for whatever reasons.
So here goes nothing:-

OPEN LETTER to Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad

By Din Merican
Rosmah-Mansor-Perdana-MenteriBoleh ka?
As someone who admires you over many years, it pains me to read about your political tussle with the incumbent Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, concerning his administration. It is also sad to note that our Prime Minister has not responded satisfactorily to issues you raised with regard to 1MDB financial affairs, the brutal murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, the Mongolian model, and the management of the Malaysian economy.
Most of us agree that the Najib administration is incompetent, inept and corrupt. But there are some differences of opinion about whether he should resign or stay in office. Apparently, UMNO, of which Dato’ Seri Najib is President, is solidly behind him. Key leaders of the party including his predecessor, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Youth Wing, and your critics in UMNO have pledged their support.
Najib is confident he can hold his own against your incessant attacks and those of pro-Mahathir bloggers like Dato Kadir Jasin  and  Syed Outside the Box, among others, that he can ignore you and allow his supporters to launch  a series of counter-attacks against you and your associates. You have been checkmated by a much younger leaders........Read further here!


abbamama said...

What so big deal about Din and who is Din to talk about Tun M - peanut belong to Monkey so just be what you are suppose to be

Anonymous said...

Yelah... siapa Din Merican ni? Rakyat tak bodoh la nak nilaikan sendiri apa yang dah jadi kat negara ni. We all tak buta or pekak.

Better write new article lah rather than bagi free publicity for article like his..

Anonymous said...

When come the general election voting is not limited to corrupted umno members only. They will support leders with integrity not leaders who have confused them after failing to tell the truth.....they don't care whether you are Bugis or not. It does matter if you discharged your duty with amanah if not you are are just a bloody munafiqun....Good luck

Anonymous said...

blog kaki bodek ,takpa la kalau nak karam sama najib tapi tolong la jangan lingkupkan negara ni.

Anonymous said...

Oi mangkuk hayun,

Artikel nih keluar bila, oi? Berape minggu? Basi dah....ko nih bloga malas ke apa?


Anonymous said...

I feel that Tun is still holding back something on Najib. So he is just suggesting that Najib resign.

Anonymous said...

Just look at all the countries that are stable, and sustainable and where those with money from the Third World like to go. They all have strong institutions of government with not even the leaders above the law. There is such a thing as higher loyalty to the state and only we as citizens can fulfill that task.

RD. said...

Din Merican block saya dari ruangan komen di blognya. Bolehkah orang yang mengamalkan 'kebebasan bersuara' sebegini dipakai pendapatnya?

Jika 'mencari-makan' melalui jalan politik, amat susah untuk orang percayai.

Nampaknya, Burung Murai sudah belajar quote dari media pro-Pakatan Rakyat?
Mahu lihat Anwar Ibrahim aka Peliwat sebagai PM ke?