Monday, June 08, 2015

Dr Mahathir Mohamad plagiarised The Malay Dilemma?

Did he plagiarised this book from someone else? I doubt it!

Did the former prime minister of Malaysia plagiarised his famous book The Malay Dilemma? What a humdinger of a piece of information if true! But I doubt that it is.
At least this is true according to this frantic caller to me.
Started with a phone call from somebody I did not know who said he had lots of information indicating Mahathir had copied his famous book The Malay Dilemma from another late veteran Umno politician from up north.
The caller said he has the original book written by this veteran which was published much earlier then Mahathir's Malay Dilemma, complete with chapters that were  similar to the other book written by the late veteran Umno politician.
He said he even had letters from the first prime minister urging the late Umno veteran to sue Mahathir for plagiarising his book.
I said with a yawn, if that informations were true then show them to me  at least I know.
He said he was not ready yet.
I said yeah right show me when you are ready, ha ha!.
When pressed for more he revealed a bit more on this humdinger of a news that the veteran late Umno politician whose "book" was copied by Mahahtir was once an Umno Information chief and was also Malaysian envoys to several countries, though he did not revealed which one.
He said he will give the proof  to when the time is right.
Out of curiosity I asked why he called me and where he got my cell number, he said I was the right person to call since he thought and actually believe I work for the present prime minister,
What a crackpot! I do not work for Najib for the record!
Then I told him what the point of telling such a story? He said this is not a story, his information was for real!
Then I added: "Just like the story of 1MDB and Najib full of BS? A real story?"
 He said: "My information is real wait until you see it."
Yeah right, nowadays you can spin anything.  The country is so toxic I am getting sicker.
I shall wait for this humdinger of the news and even they are real I will probably destroy them.
Why? I do not want more toxic new to permeate into the minds of easily duped Malaysians!

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