Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Muhyiddin, if you cannot take the heat get out of the kitchen!

Muhyiddin, if you cannot support Najib, just rsign!

As the deputy prime minister, who attended many  cabinet meetings and being given the fact sheets on many issues to be discussed, especially the nitty gritty of the IMDB complexity, Muhyiddin Yassin should then just tender his resignation for not understanding it, and to stop painting gloomy days ahead.

 He made disparaging remarks about not fully understanding the com-plexity of the 1MDB issue especially, and also assumed many cabinet members feel the sameway as he did is a complete lie. Read here
Let's face the fact that Muhyiddin still harbours the wish of being the next prime minister, well he can harbour as much as he wants he has not got it.
I still remember when he demanded an explanation from Mahathir why he chose Pak Lah as his successor, and what Mahathir said, I was told, was something like "you have not got it bro".
While Prime Minister Najib Razak trying to steer the country and to place it on an even keel, politician like Muhyiddin should be supportive, an obvious now not a team player, should be asked to leave. 
Enough is enough eh!

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