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Has he got what it takes?

He was a politically hungry young man then and he still is today.
The only difference is, he now believes he got what it takes to be the next prime minister in waiting.
Making political waves when the time is right is one thing, but making them at the wrong time show your true opportunist.
I am not sure if I like this guy or not. I know I did not like him when he was a member of the fourth floor boys when his father in law was the PM.
One of the main reasons why I will and can never support him as the next Malay leader is because of his ongoing association with the infamous KH, the most vile person that this country has ever produced.
As the prime minister, I am sure Najib can, or not control him, but somebody must tell him things happen for a reason.
For example, two MACC senior personnel had to be transferred I am sure for a reason.  May be, I am just saying, it has to do with leakages that occur while important investigation is ongoing.
But voicing his displeasure over the transfer, KJ shows disrespect  to his boss the prime minister, and frankly I do not get where he is going to for making such a comment.
I just wish the beast for Najib while he is trying to pull this country together.
Now he has Zahid, his former political as his deputy prime minster, and may be Zahid can be the Cabinet party whip and tell cabinet ministers like KJ to suppress his hunger, if the prime minister is too nice a person to tell people to lay off that is.
I am just thinking out loud that is.  Like everyone, if they disagree with decision made at the top most level....quit. The same applies to you KJ.
As asked by MIC communications and public relations bureau head Datuk Seri S Vell Paari, MACC is not a sacred cow and most definitely not above the law.
He advised KJ to shut-up, well not in those specific words but close.
Read more what KJ said  here.....


akaz said...

Is the leakages done by this two officers? Is there any proofs? I thought the Najib's gang trumpeting not guilty till be proven otherwise? Or it's just selective in applying this mantra. The transfers was just weird and occurred at the crucial time. People nowadays not stupid, they will relate this matter with the outgoing character shown by the MACC officers. The sudden transferred didn't got well in the mind of public.

Anonymous said...

At this point in time. If you put a snake next to Najib, people will hit Najib first.

So, whoever voices out against Najib will gain public support.

Anonymous said...

ya...and err...please continue your "barking"

KZSO said...

Who is this KH person?

Anonymous said...

Likewise, I don't trust this guy. He may be an oxford educated but i dont think he has enough jati diri in him. Who can forget his antics during FIL time. Another privileged boy who can never understand the meaning of hidup susah.

Opportunist he is. But on the MACC thing, I sincerely want to believe that he too is getting fed up, just like us - Malaysian. Stupidity after another. UMNO leaders, wake up! And for once jalankan amanah anda without fear or favor.

Kuasa, harta yang anda ada bukan boleh dibawa mati. Tapi dosa tidak menjalankan amanah akan dibawa mati.

Allah, selamatkan Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Never belittle or underestimate a man who is younger than you. He may become your boss.

Anonymous said...

Is KJ the same guy who was found guilty of money politics during UMNO's election sometime in the past but no action nor transfer was taken against him because his daddy-in-law was the UMNO President who suffered from sleep apnoea?

Yeah, I too do not like this KH person, at some point in the past, I thought KH and the 4th Floor boys are going to sell us all to singapore.

Anonymous said...

Silence is golden and the most difficult argument to counter.

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