Thursday, October 29, 2015

If we exhibit similar behaviour in Western countries we will be thrown in jail!

If you live in this country do not show you are superior to the local inhabitants...follow the norms and constraints of the local psyche!

Talking to my foreign friend, a Swiss to be exact, he said: "If you had done that in my country you would be thrown in jail immediately, you see we Swiss are civilised and have zero tolerance on rage or on assault and battery.
"When you smashed a car wndow, whether you are in the right or wrong you have committed a serious offence, therefore you will be punished on that score, then the rest will follow," said this man.
We were talking about an English moron who took it upon himself to smash a car window and threatened to kill the driver and his pasengers, during an incident of a road rage recently.
But since he is English and white I am sure our laws will find him to be slightly out of control and will probably be given a slap on a wrist. "Tsk tsk don't do it again okay, you may go," said the judge, probably
Lately I have seen many rude Europeans in our country, and many more rude South Americans, who will speak very loudly in a bar or reataurants to the chagrin of our polite and sometime puny local customers.
I usually stepped in and will tell these crude and badly brought up foreigners to not to smoke in a non-smoking section and to not make too much noise at the expense of others.
You see the onus is on us not to give in to what appears to be a show of Occidental superiority to us  Asians,
But so long as we pander to the every whims and fancies of these foreigners we will forever be stuck in the mentality of thinking they are better than us.
Meanwhile I bet anything that a 40-year old McGruer Kenneth George will be let of with a small fine.
I'd rather a deterent sentence be given to tell the world that we also  have Zero-tolerence over such behavious, especially from the foreigners living and making a living in this country.
Having said all that I have to qualify while there are many ucouth foreigners there are equal number of good ones living and making Malaysia their home


RD. said...

This is the kind of Brits that we should be scared of when walking alone in the deserted alleys of London or other parts of England.

Anonymous said...

Mana Kiki? Steering Lock simpan kat mana?

Azli Jamil said...

I hope the 'white trash' will get what he deserves

Anonymous said...

they base their doing in a very UNCIVILISED manner..."I can't do these things in my country because of the law.....but I can do it elsewhere or in other countries that have stupid law enforcement.."

Anonymous said...

I somehow agree with you.. i think this fucking CiritBrit will escape punishment.. because most of Asian still have kowtow (to Caucassian) mentality..

Anonymous said...

So he didn't get charged in the end and got away free??