Sunday, March 13, 2016

Such issues are beyond good manners, sir! (In reference to Mahathir)

Trust me no Malay will miss him for too long if he is sacked from the party!

Gentleman all the way through until just now eh!

Some of the more dubious and dodgy people he associates himself with!

He lost the plot to a serial evil Chinese.

It was after "push comes to shove" and then "the last straw the broke the camel's back" that this nasty old man had to be "brought to heel"!
I am referring to PM Najib Razak and the cabinet who  decided to drop former, ex, ceased-to-be-prime- minister Mahathir Mohameed as advisor to a state owned Petronas.
Najib's decision was made out of a simple logic, if you try to overthrow the PM and his government and at the same time reaping all the goodies that the government offering you is simply not right.
No, the decision to get rid of Mahathir had nothing to do with: "Najib Razak, pink lips and supposedly soft and too nice a man (and nice men don't win wars, someone tells me all the time), has done something crude as oil: the PM has ended Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's tenure as Petronas Advisor! " read more here.
No Najib was not being as crude as oil when sacking Mahahtir, he was being doubly and treble-ly gentleman and civilised even when after Mahathir incessant attack on him  until push comes to shove.
Najib now must make the decision to get rid of all the Umno members who signed the declaration to get rid of the current PM, and Najib must do it really quick.

Just for the record:
Mahathir never liked all the previous PMs of Malaysia, including the current one.  Does this mean he is the best ?????  I am sure Malaysians are not stupid to believe so, or are they? To believe in  this man, who also once tried to get rid of the country's monarchy system?

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