Saturday, March 05, 2016

They all have lost the plot.!!!!!......

Overpowered, overtaken and blinded by their unbridled selfish ego driven by their own warped sense of private agenda, hatred and anger and probably also by their greed, few senior Umno politicians have definitely lost the plot vis-a-vis the Malay politics in the first place.
Unclear with concept of the Malay survival was what drove Muhyiddin Yassin to do what he did and now he faces the possibility of being thrown out of Umno for going against the Umno struggle.
I can understand why chauvinist and corrupt Chinese politicians and losers members of the Malay opposition, who rallied together with an Indian-Muslim former prime minister trying to get rid of Najib Razak, I cannot understand why Muhyiddin!?
Now then what are they really saving Malaysia from? Well they are actually saving Malaysia for themselves.
For the former Indian-Muslim ex-PM he was probably trying to save his sons' billions from being investigated  for corrupt ill gotten gain.
   PM: "He was also angry because the sitting PM could not play ball with him vis-a-vis his overseas wealth that he tries to bring home with one eye closed.
   PM: "He wants to bring home his overseas accounts without telling BNM, I said I cannot close my eyes everyone is accounted for?"
   PM:" This man also had the audacity ordering me to dish out huge contract to his cronies (five of them) mostly already a filthy rich Chinese tycoons.  I said I cannot!"
   PM:  He is also under a notion that I am his gopher (a go-boy) doing his bidding for him.
Many stuff the PM can say about this former Indian-Muslim ex-pm but he wont.
But one thing is for certain that all those Malay Umno members who sat with the opposition and the former ex-Indian-Muslim pm must be expelled from Umno for urging Najib to resign.
Finally we need to save Malaysis from riff raff like Lim Kit Siang, Ling Liong Sik, Mahathir a/l Moehammad, Mat Sabu and Muhyiddin.
Here an idea, may the king can pardon Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and set him on the man that incarcerated him!

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Anonymous said...

In the 60s my neighbour's son was into doing all things that was wron and still wrong. But father who was Doctor in the district hospital just could not opr did not want to acknowledge what his son was doing untl one he drove his Moris Minor when he did not have aLesen Memanu into a group of children walkiing home from evening classes. That was the beginning of the end for the boy. Entangled with the law his studies were affected and the rest is history.