Saturday, April 09, 2016

A smudge named Maha City came complete with a MahaTower in Langkawi!

To be constructed in an already congested not that so big an island!

Artist impression of Maha phallic symbol. Drawing is always nice bit Not too late to be stopped!

A smudge on this beautiful isand to be named Maha City!

Yes I saw this project in the town of Kuah in Langkawi island, probably mooted and initiated under the administration of the recently "replaced"former Mentri Besar of Kedah.
Islanders spoken too said the tower is going to mar the landscape of the island, and the name of the project and the soon going to be erected tower does not bode well with many.
"The tower is being named after some disgraced politician we shall not name here,"said my taxi driver recently. Yes the name Maha does not bode well for many Malays, especially, in Langkawi.
Perhaps the new mentri besar of Kedah can make an executive decision to re-name the tower say for Maha Tower to change it to say People's Tower, or any other name but Maha?
Malaysia is  not in a culture where we build monument to be later named after some despicable people, persons or politicians?
I am just saying!

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