Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mahathir is using chauvinist DAP to screw Najib, the Malays and Umno!

I can understand Sarawak chauvinist Chinese like former sympathiser of the North Kalimantan Communist Party (NKCP) who is now Sarawak DAP member Hew Kuan Yau who asked Sarawakians to vote for a Malay DAP candidate so if this Malay bugger wins he could then screw the Malays in the ruling party! See here, 
I can understand why the entire chauvinist and racist DAP members trying to destroy Malaysian racial unity!
But I for one could not fathom the hatred espoused by Mahathir Mohamed, a former prime minister who ruled the country for 22 years with iron claws, and his Malay gang for seeking the help of chauvinist DAP leaders to screw the Malays and Umno!?
Must be very desperate for them to do so.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in the latest television interview said, he cannot be bullied into giving in to every whim and fancy of the former dictator Mahathir ..
Najib said his main detractor was angry because the former refused to give in to the later on many nonsensical project demands.
"The buck stop here," Najib told this blogger.
"I will not succumb to ridiculous demands made by him," he said, before leaving on an official visit to London.
Well, he may look soft but trust me, Najib is walking with a big stick, again trust me on this!
Here are words of advise: Mahathir is doing what he is now doing not because he is doing it for the Malays (he is not a Malay in the firts place) or his love for the party or the country, but he is doing it for his own private agenda and for his business cronies.

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