Friday, June 24, 2016

Yes, revoke Mahathir's privileges as exPM!

You can't have your cake and eat it too, man!

My pet peeve is when  someone who believes he is the smartest of them all, and everyone else is stupid.  Take the case of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad who thinks everyone else is a moron and stupid but him!
Only he can rule the country well. Bollocks!
In other parts of the world either country's leaders just fade away or are respected as an ex. However, our former prime minister is behaving like a spoiled child in constant need of that proverbial attention!
A spoiled child can either be in control or not, and in case of Mahathir is clearly out of control.
This is a man, who is not really a Malay, who helped to declare UMNO, the premier Malay party,  illegal and the court  decided to dissolve it according to the laws of the country.  You see he has no compunction about annihilating anything Malay.
He tried to destroy the monarchial system of the country,as he tried to get rid of the royalty. Failing that, he destroyed UMNO, fortunately the party was revived.
Today, he is again trying to destroy the Malay institutions which he detests, with the help of that despicable chauvinist Chinese party the DAP.
He clearly went against the sacred norm of campaigning for the defeat of the ruling party during the recent two by-elections.  The results were astounding and the government victory translates to rejection of Mahathir!
Yes Najib by all means revoked his privileges which also included the use of a private plane accorded to him by the government as a former PM, which he has had the audicity to use to travel and to campaign againt the government.
Yes Najib, get Mahathir out of the Perdana Leadership Foundation, stop giving money  to the foundation to be used against your government.
May the force be with you Najib Razak!


Anonymous said...

Don't expect that Tun would retreat. Don't we ever dream that he will stop badmouthing and to give advice and criticism. Please remember, he is still the leader, peoples' ombudsman who carries weight of former Prime Minister of Malaysia for 22 years.

Tun is responding with his empirical observation towards such failings of Najib's leadership. Tun face it head on because he is fed-up with Najib's hypocrisy. He is cutting off Najib who has hurt Malaysian and the Nation.

Najib's failure as a leader is a grievous offence against people's integrity. 1MDB's scandal with the 2.6 billion banked into his personal account, name a few, it stinks like hell. This stinking smell is going to stink for some year to come.

Like Tun, many are disappointed with Najib. Moreover, it stings. Najib as the current Prime Minister has been planting seeds of destruction and disunity. These plants are often grow into choking weeds which are not that easy to be removed. It muddies our existence and judgment at all levels of Najib's leadership.

More than that, it dulls our senses of him to true leadership. It is because some of those eyes have been clouded by the mightiness of I'am yours, the betrayal of the Cash King.

Pasquale said...

Anonymous uky 10 1:34pm,

Your thoughts in response to my blog: You might want to change the name Najib to Mahathir instead! He was the one who has been plantingte seeds of destruction and disunity to our country whilst Najib had to inherit Mahathir legacy and tries to corect them rwith so much pain to all Malaysans.

Anonymous said...

Sokong! Reza Aziz who is named in the USA government statement as thief is really not Najib's son.Maybe Rosmah can explain.