Saturday, July 30, 2016

Najib, punish all the identified treacherous SOBs and take no prisoners!

Well, as been reported the CIA and all secret agencies of the USA will not brief republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on any classified information.
The practice has always been all presidential nominees will be slowly brought to the system by first being briefed on classified info making them familiar with the workings of the inner sanctum of the US government.
Trump was declared a traitor when he urged Russian Vladimir Putin to hack democratic presidential nominee Hilary Clinton's email.
His act has been considered treacherous and there has already been calls for Trump to be brought to justice for his un-patriotic behaviour.
So what has the story on treacherous Trump has got to do with the price of belacan in Malaysia?!  Well a lot!
Lately an ex-prime minister and other Malaysian politicians have allegedly been leaking sensitive classified  information on Malaysia to foreign spy agencies, foreign governments and foreign newspapers.
It was already reported that a retired top civil servant of one government agency has been leaking classified information to the US Department of Justice. Apparently he even inadvertently admitted of doing so!
He tried to see the PM but was not entertained. Well Najib fight the war and take no prisoners.
A tough example must be made as a deterrent, or your chances of being "killed" politically will always be there lingering.
Remember this, as there are many who are against you, there are many, many more loyal supporters who are still rallying solidly behind you!
Also there are no doubts in my mind that  many moles are surrounding  you, and you just have to find a fool proof mechanism to flush them out!

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