Friday, July 29, 2016

Protect our peace and harmonious all costs!

The government does not nationalise other religions' house of worship.The government protect them!
Well news flash folks...Turkey under Recep Erdogan just did the opposite! Phew!

The problem with us Malaysians is that we don't think bad thing can happen to our multi racial and multi religious country, well shit happens at anytime and any day if we, the community leaders, behave  like jingoistic Donald Trump.
Turkey Erdogan already seize Churches  to be regulated by the government, did we think of this that can happen in "democratic" Turkey?  It just happened folks. Read here
I am not saying such thing can happen in Malaysia, unlike Turkey our country has a proven record of protecting religious and other minority rights  in this blessed country.
If anyone of you think they are being short  changed and being persecuted in Malaysia they can take a lesson from Venezuela where people are dying due to lack of medical supports, people literally died if hunger and zoo animals died in the hundreds due to lack of food.
I implore all the bleeding heart liberal Malaysians to stop their jingoistic sabre rattling and to protect the peace that we have, by the way peace in the world is a scarce commodity, we have it we must protect it at all costs, together!
Have a good day!

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