Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Muslim scholar says Hijab is Not an Islamic Duty”. A Point to Ponder!

Jamal Saidi

Women in Hijabs denied entry at several Egyptian resorts

 BM: This information was not widely promoted in the male- dominated Muslim countries where women placed in a second class position:-

Casablanca – Last month (in 2012) at Al Azhar University, Sheikh Mustapha Mohamed Rashed defended a thesis that sparked a heated debate among religious scholars. The candidate concluded that Hijab, or the veil, is not an Islamic duty.
The claim is not the first of its kind, but the mere fact that it is adopted in Al Azhar University – the Sunni Islam’s foremost seat of learning –makes it controversial.
Sheikh Mustapha Mohamed Rashed argued that Hijab is not an Islamic duty. He stated that Hijab refers to the cover of the head, which is not mentioned in the Holy Quran at all. “Nonetheless, a bunch of scholars insisted vehemently that the veil is both an Islamic duty and one of the most important pillars of Islam,” he added.
In doing so, the PhD candidate points out, “they deviated from the purposes of the Islamic law and “Sahih Atafsir” or the true interpretation. They rejected reasoning and relied only on literal text. Read more here....

All I say to you Uqasha is just follow your heart and what you did ws not wrong!

Then there is this beautiful Malay singer - Uqasha Senrose - being verbally abused, at least in the social media by Malay male fans, for being a hypocrite for "dis-hijabing" herself from a tudung clad for the last three years to exposing her beautiful hair that God gave her.
Now look here, as far as I am concerned Malay is a race does not invent or impactually thrived on anything significant globally, except killing each other socially, politically and religiously.  We are only good at nitpicking on little issue.  While other races have split atoms and other molecules, going to the moon and have sent spaceship into other planets athmosphere, making other scientific progress on research that saves human lives, like penicillin to begin with.
Meanwhile an Egyptian scholar from a respectable institution of higher learning has debunked the myth of Hijab, for the self righteous to read and follow the argument line by line.
I am not for one using religion to shackle or to control women to being a second class citizen.
My simple take is if God had wanted women to cover their hair God would have made women bald.  Read more here.......


Anonymous said...

You shud have read thru the whole article. An update at te bottom revealed that al azhar uni denied its scholar defended the thesis. This shud have been highlited earlier otherwise it might ill inform readers who just skim thru the headlines. Not arguing wit u on the points about uqasha as dats her choice but the fact ur trying to use the name of azhar just to justify the liberal interpretation of hijab is just unaaceptable. Plus your last line of logic on God making women bald is just incomprehensible. Just consider this. You might as well become a nudist. Otherwise God wont have created our private parts

Protect our Malay women said...

Your are right Barking Magpie.
The G25, SIS and other Malays are realising that Allah is being hijack by certain people to justify their power craziness.
The fact is religioug is between us and Allah.
Allah can forgive us for our transgressions.
Anything that we do is because of Allah not because we are afraid of what so and so think.
The tudung is a way of oppressing women in Arab culture.
There is no argument about its purpose.
The Arab looks at women as their assets so they want to cover it up.
But we Malays are not hangup over power over women especially the Minang culture where women hold power in society.
Thus Uqasha was just pointing out the obvious she feel oppressed by wearing tudung.
It is ridiculous for Malay women to wear tudung when we take part in secular sports like diving and gymnastic wearing swimsuits and leotards.
So we are all with you.
Only lame headed male wants to see women cover up.
We dont have to refer to Arabs or Indians for guidance our Malay culture are gentle toward women.
We have inang and joget and zapin where open courting is allowed.
Couple dancing in Saudi Arabia... you must be out of your mind..

Anonymous said...

Barkingmagpie we all know you are weird but yu are a good weird, keep it up with your good weirdness!