Thursday, September 15, 2016

Listen to this moron then and what he did just now!!!

All these just to overthrow a democratically elected government?! In Turkey Mahathir and his traitorous lot would have to face a firing squad, eh!


RD. said...

Maybe... its because 1MDB and Jho Low is far worst a sin than Anwar's buggering a few guys. 1MDB's debt, not to mention.... Billions went missing and not accounted for... effected the whole Malaysian population.

Anonymous said...

I had expected better from you. It is perfectly legal to change the leader of the Government through a vote of no confidence in Parliament. What is your objection to that? It is better any such matter is sorted through the parliamentary process rather than in the streets. Turkey is hardly a bastion of liberty, equality and fraternity. See how they treat non-Turkish Muslim Turkish citizens in Ankara.

I confess I never like Mahathir or Muhyuddin or even Anwar. None of them are real democracts. But the parliament is still the best place to decide who is the leader of a government. So if those opposed to the PM want to entice others to change the leader, that is perfectly reasonable and legal. Yes I am a lawyer qualified to practice on three continents.

rahman jpc said...

if u r d son of toh puan hamidah n tun haniff, than I suspect something must hv gone wrong during yr formative yrs.

we can fiercely disagree but a basic sense of decorum must always b observed.

I m truly disappointed. we were neighbours in lipis n toh puan being DTC trained had always been courteous 2 her seniors.

its still not 2 late 2 repent though.