Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Imagine these low-breed white thrash buffoons doing this in Singapore or Thailand?

Imagine these low-breed white thrash doing this in Singapore or Thailand, they will surely be facing swift justice and thrown in jail, and they should.
Imagine again if a bunch of stupid Malaysians were to do this in the USA they would surely be shot to death and Americans would support the police action.
In Australia these Malaysians would be beaten to pulp for crime to demean the integrity and the sanctity of the flag.
In any country any nation's flag is a symbol of their strength, especially the star and spangle.  In Malaysia Jalur Gemilang is the source of our pride and to let these white-thrash buffoons to get away with four days remand is not doing a justice to Malaysians' pride.
In Yangon recently a Dutch tourist got jailed for unplugging a microphone in a Buddhist temple complaining the Buddhist prayer chant was too loud. Read here....
Who are these white people going around the world flexing their white superiority attitudes to the "Third World!" countries.
 Malaysia must takes its priority right forget about the international backlash charged these buffoons as hard as the book allows.  Give a deterrent sentence so this will not happens again.

Note: It gets to a point that everyone, from the Muslim countries especially, is afraid to reprimand and tell boorish Americans or any European in our capital for fear of being branded terrorist!
The other night a group of English speaking white males smoking in a non-smoking restaurant when I told the so they say belligerently: "What you going to do about it?"
The manager could not do anything because "They are tourist sir!"
So Malaysia and Malaysians please stand up to protect your pride and dignity!!

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Pasquale said...

Was told one of the buffoons is a special officer to Australia Defence Minister.