Friday, October 07, 2016

Low-breed white trash Australian buffoons released as expected!

Remorse? I dont think so! They were told to act that way!

I was told there are two schools of  thought vis-a-vis the nine low breed white thrash buffoons flashing Jalur Gemilang as their underwear.
One group from fifty years old and above favour stiff penalty to be compounded on these perpetrators, while the other younger group from forty downwards says let it be they "were having fun"!
"Go catch hardcore criminals etc etc!" said they.
I also wrote if these buffoons were to do it in Singapore or Thailand they would not be spared the rod, why?  Because the two countries have a very nationalistic population, young or old.
Their nationalistic fervor has been implanted into their minds from young.
Back home looking around at our youth such nationalistic fervor does not exist, my own observation that is.
Meanwhile, the nine white thrash low breed buffoons from Australia, with their ancestral convicts DNA are just that, convicts!
They may looked remorse but their actions were pre-meditated, according to Australia's foreign minster these buffoons bought their briefs in Australia to celebrate Australia if it "wins" and it did, so by right they should be wearing an Australian underwear!
Remorse? No I don't think so, like Hollywood and Australian movie industry, these American and Australian are very good at acting, the hall mark of their industry success even to a point where we cannot tell what is true or lies anymore.
These buffoons will celebrate their newly found fame when they reached home, mark my words.
My thought is we should have given these low breed white thrash buffoons days at our jail, I would have done it if I have the power.

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