Thursday, November 24, 2016

The word is not "plastered" but rather "appeared", "featured" or "exhibited"!

Yes they were from spider bites, if they were love bites she would have hid it!

Nasdaq Billboard? Really! Yuna I AM proud of you for your success!

Yuna's face plastered on giant NASDAQ Billboard in New York's Times Square

When Malaysian sensation Yuna was featured on the Nasdaq billboard, a most coveted advertisement space ever in New York Times Square, I was a bit disappointed with the slight negativity by by MSN news which used the word plastered which has a tad negative connotation to it.
The word should  have been "featured" or "appeared" or "exhibited", instead of "plastered".
If you have made it to the Nasdaq you have definitely made it to the world along side celebrity like Beyonce, John Lennon,  Justin Timberlake and many many more famous people.
Guess what were being scrutinised? The marks on Yuna's neck, being implied as love bites!! My word what wrong with us as the only implication we can come out with was Yuna's neck bites were most definitely from unbridled sex she had the day before the photo shoot interviewed and before her picture appeared on the Nasdaq Billboard?!
Still a subtle attempt to denigrate a girl with a true grit to succeed instead of praising her for her success.
Malaysians from all walks of life must stand up to praise any Malaysian who made it to the world stage.
Finally Yuna should and must be declared a national heritage and be given a recognition as Malaysian who made it on her own at the same time making our country known.


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