Saturday, March 21, 2015

WHO announced popular weed-killer Roundup causes cancer!

The presentation may be cute but you can die from cancer from using it.
 Malaysian government must take cognisance over the announcement made by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which conclusively announced that common weed killer Roundup, with active ingredient such  as Malathion, is carcinogenic and cancer causing agent.
Roundup, one of the world's most popular weed-killers -- and the most commonly one used in the United States -- has been declared a "probable carcinogen" by the World Health Organization. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, an arm of the WHO, released the results of its review of five herbicides and pesticides on Friday.
The French agency ranks cancer-causing agents in four levels: known carcinogens, probably or possible carcinogens, not classifiable and probably not carcinogenic. The herbicide glyphosate, the active ingredient found in Roundup, was classified by IARC as "probably carcinogenic to humans."
But the classification is not binding, said the IARC. "It remains the responsibility of individual governments and other international organizations to recommend regulations, legislation or public health intervention," the agency said in a statement. According to the Associated Press, the United States Environmental Protection Agency said it would consider the IARC's evaluation.
The IARC did clarify that the new ruling is mostly directed at the industrial use of the herbicide, and that use by home gardeners does not fall under the same classification. Glyphosate is employed in more than 750 herbicide products and has been detected in the air, during spraying and in foods, reports the IARC.
The determination is sure to alarm the agro-chemical industry and particularly Monsanto, the agribusiness giant that is the leading producer of glyphosate. Worldwide annual sales of the chemical are estimated at $6 billion annually. The company put out its own statement Friday: "All labeled uses of glyphosate are safe for human health," said Monsanto's Phil Miller, global head of regulatory and government affairs.
“We don’t know how IARC could reach a conclusion that is such a dramatic departure from the conclusion reached by all regulatory agencies around the globe,” said Miller. Monsanto requested an urgent meeting with the World Health Organization to clarify the scientific basis of the ruling.
A summary of the agency's findings were published in the British journal Lancet Oncology on Friday.

Friday, March 20, 2015

HUDUD is equal to IS! Better believe it!

This is not in accordance to the teaching of Islam! A woman being lashed under Hudud law in Acheh....soon this type of scene will be a common sight in Kelantan and Malaysia!

When Islamic States militants swept through the Middle-East they brought with them the most stringent and parochial interpretation of what they believed and perceived as part of the syariah law.  They subscribed to the hudud law recently passed by Kelantan state legislative assembly.
Remember this, the  IS militants who also believe in Hudud behead non-believers, women raped were punished, if you are caught stealing your hands were cut off.
Non Islamic historical artifacts were destroyed by IS.  Indeed a very limited and strict interpretation of the hudud laws, based on a narrow interpretation of the syariah law.
 Among other stuff hudud is definitely anti women's rights, and under hudud women do not have any rights at all. Read more here an article by Sisters in Islam.
Frankly speaking, what many Malaysians are still slow to realise is IS is coming here and we are still blase about that fact.
The way I look at it is, today IS is in Kelantan, and yes in no time it will spread to neighbouring states by that time the fate and value of our sacred Federal Constitution will be rendered worthless and meaningless.  I just pray for things to be how they were!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

BILLIONS lost under previous leadership, but no one ordered forensic auditing?

Here is an article which appeared in Free Malaysia Today(FMT) and I am just wondering what is its reason for listing all the "scandals" under Tun Mahahtir rules.
One thing for sure that had not FMT come out with the article Malaysians would have forgotten how a Malaysian bank officer Jalil Ibrahim was murdered in Hong Kong whose body was  dump at Tau Pu Kow district.
How billions lost under PERWAJA etc etc!
As a Malaysian, I am still not happy and satisfied to be told that no Malaysian politicians were involved in the BMF scandal.
The words of Jalil Ibrahim's widow still ring clear in my mind: "I will teach my children to hate the Malay politicians and Bank Bumiputra."  Whatever that meant at that time when it was said to me.
Back to FMT, is it trying to imply that IMDB "fiasco" is nothing compared to billions lost under previous leadership.
And questioning why no Forensic Auditing were conducted  to track down billions that have disappeared then?  I suggest FMT must make known its intent on why such an article was printed! 
FMT do not be naughty, if you start somethig end it please!  Or if you want to tarnish Tun M reputation do it with finesse, but not by innuendo, and supposition

P/S. In so far as 1MDB "fiasco" is concerned everything has been explained properly in print media and the internet but preople would rather read the spins and the lies, rest assured the government led by UMNO will and cannot be replaced with riff raff (or by woof woof)!

By Azizan Abdullah
mahathir2Malaysians must never forget that under former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir there were monetary losses amounting to tens of billions of ringgit unaccounted for, and irretrievable.
These include:
  • Forex scandal in early 90s : RM30 billion
  • The Perwaja Steel Scandal : RM10 billion
  • Bank Bumi scandal: RM10 billion
  • Maminco-Makuwasa Affair RM1.6 Billion
  • Mahathir used Petronas as a ‘bank’ to bail out many companies, banks etc read more here...

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Please Zaid Ibrahim Malay-Muslims are not moron!

The sodomite (left) the victim (right)

Sodom and the legend of inhospitality...

Again a  case of another attempt on reverse psychology towards the simple Malay-Muslims.
Former Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim is actually using age old reverse psychological tactic used to trick the "Muslim" Malays into parting with their rights by the British, losing their identity to be subservient to the mullahs and now appealing to their conscience as a "good" muslims to kesihan or to take pity on serial sodomite amed Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI).  Read Zahid Ibrahim here...
Zahid is playing that mind game with the simple Malay-Muslims that BABI should indeed be pardoned.
To begin with no one is above the law, may be or perhaps the rulers.
Secondly, BABI was found guilty beyond any reasonable doubt to have committed crimes he was accused of.
So the laws asked him to be jailed for five years for the crime he had committed.
Once a convict he must be treated as one, no more no less.
For this country to be forever at peace post-BABI, the King must be advised not to entertain any request to pardon him!
We Malaysians and Muslim-Malays are a compassionate bunch, but we also have our limits of tolerance, and pardoning  a convicted serial sodomite and a rapist cannot be one of them
Is BABI special? I think not he was found to be guilty of sodomising his own staff, forcing  himself to the victim which is amounting to rape.
If BABI is pardoned then I have no choice as a loyal citizen but to disown the King as my king and to disrespect the whole judicial system of the country, which will be a sham if it happens.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Canada announces new stiff no-nonsense anti-terror law!

The new law will allow anyone suspected of being involved in a terror plot to be detained without charge for up to seven days.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police intervention team walks past a gate on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. File photo
A Royal Canadian Mounted Police intervention team walks past a gate on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. File photo
Canada announced a new anti-terror law that will allow anyone suspected of being involved in a terror plot to be detained without charge for up to seven days.
The law announced Friday will also make it a crime for people to call for a terrorist attack, even if they don’t make a specific threat, and empower Canada’s spy agency to thwart attacks directly in a significant expansion of their powers.
Work on the law began in October after a gunman killed a soldier at Canada’s national war memorial and then stormed Parliament. The attack in Ottawa came two days after a man, said to be inspired by the Islamic State group, ran over two soldiers in a parking lot in Quebec, killing one and injuring the other before being shot to death.
The new law still has to be passed in Parliament but Harper’s Conservative government has a majority of the seats so passage is all but ensured. Read more here..

BM:  The thing that rile me the most is the sanctimonious and self righteous attitudes of many western countries asking the more less "powerful" countries like Malaysia to take it easy on what they perceived as a draconian piece of legislation like the Sedition Act.
In Malaysia it appears that we have to be nice and talk to terrorist like Anwar Ibrahim and his gang with kid gloves.
While we are so afraid to anger our powerful foreign who asked us to be nice to terrorist like Anwar , they are  busy concocting a new tough and a no nonsense terror bills.
The US has its Patriots Act that can imprisoned and torture terror suspects without  any compunction, and feelings. With Canada new terror bill they can even put a secret camera in any suspect home.
Malaysia as a once peaceful country, as far as I am concerned, is now a paradise for mini-terror led by young and unguided politicians from the opposition parties.
Well, Malaysia this is something we have to think about and on how to deal with those bent on creating serious problems for this country.

P.S.  Indonesia must go ahead with the execution of two Australians for heroin smuggling.  Like Malaysia and if you are caught breaking a clearly state law with a death penalty you are done for.
Just because Australia believe they are a very civilised society, which is a myth, imagined what these two convicted drug pushers would unleashed in Australia had they succeeded to smuggle kilos of heroin in  that country. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

In a desperate high stake game Anwar will do anything to win.

Who was Jude Pereira someone asked? Well I beleive he was a good copdoing his job and a true blue Malaysian who loves his country!
Update: Here another humdinger of a piece of puzzle: Remember Crime MyWatch chairman Sanjeevan who was shot and almsot died.  Well he was the one allegedly tried to talk Jude Pereira to subvert Anwar's case.
Was he shot because he knew too much about Anwar's evil chicanery, trickery and deception?

All roads will lead to Rome, as they say, and this applies in the case of desperate game of bad politics of Brother Anwar.
A recent expose by a writer on allegations made by Superintendant Jude Pereira, an investigating officer of Anwar's Sodomy 2 case, about attempt made for him to sabotage the case came as not a surprise to very many. Read Here
As all road lead to Rome in Anwar desperate games of politics, I am sure some "powerful" man (definitely not Najib Razak in this case) had instructed the police special unit guys to commit a murder of a foreign national.
What if that powerful man was Anwar himself in his bid to bring down Najib as a prime minster and his government.
Did it ever occur to anyone that after Anwar was pardon and in his subsequent bid to take power that many assemblymen and members of parliament died thus triggering many by-elections.
Many of his close associates have abandoned him, few have died, the most tragic story was the mysterious death of his money man and his close associate, lawyer Nasaruddin Jalil, followed by the death of Nasaruddin's son Salman two months after his father's death.  Salmsn, BTW, was a personal photographer of Anwar. Read here
Salman died in front of his house and verdict was a hit and run. He was only going ouside for a smoke, and was he smoking in the middle of the road?.
Then there was an allegation that Anwar ordered  Azizan Abu Bakar, a person who was a family driver that Anwar has sodomised at Tivoli Villa, to be done away with.
Well Azizan was driving with his pregnant  wife somewhere near Rawang when his car was hit from behind killing his pregnant wife.
In this matter nobody bats an eyelid.  No body saw any complication in the "accident".  Just as everyone accepted as an act of God when many lawmakers died either of "heart attacks" or just died thus triggered many by-elections, in which many of Anwars candidates won.
I wouldn't be surprise if the disappearance and the exploded MAS airlines might have something to do with Anwar's handiwork just so he can bring down the government at any cost.
So back to Jude Pereira allegation as written by this writer and published by Malaysia Today!? I am apt to believe it since Anwar is just one of of those evil anomaly that resurface every once in awhile on this planet earth, just like Pol Pot, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Attila the Hun, and Count Dracula (if he actually existed).

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rosmah Mansor says Asia Sentinel's article is rubbish!

We cannot stop anyone from being evil or writing nasty articles ....John Berthelesen  of Asia Sentinel included.
Nazir is still one of my favourite brother in laws the last timeI checked, said Rosmah

"The last thing I would do as long as I am alive is to cause a rift between my husband's sibling and families and mine, Malaysia Today can print anything untrue it likes about me and my family, I do not care, I am busy trying to raise money to help flood victims to listen to all of these nonsense," said Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
She was asked to comment on an article that appears in Malaysia Today, quoting Asia Sentinel, that there appears to be a rift between Najib's brothers, namely Nazir Razak and the rest over Rosmah behaviour and character as wife of the prime minister.  Read here...
"I hardly see my husband's brothers and the last time I checked they are still talking to me and there was no signs of an acrimonious hatred or split or loathing that have been expressed by them toward me," she said.
Rosmah said she was most busy with trying to raise money for many flood victims that still needed help, for her to be bothered by such reports.
According to her may be the not so friendly blogger or online newspapers are out of focus since Anwar (Ibrahim) is in jail, and that they are trying to find new angle.
"May be they should ask my husband if such acrimonious rift  is true, as for me I have an appointment with donors for the flood victims," she said.